Can these bones live?

Israel was in a very bad place with God! They were idolatrous and had built high places, but God hadn’t completely written them off.Instead, God devised a plan of redemption and restoration for Israel. In Ezekiel 37 God summoned Ezekiel to a valley, it was full of bones, they were many, and indeed they were very dry. These bones were well past life stages, the flesh and sinews had deteriorated, they were sun baked, and there was no life found in them. 

While postured in this valley full of death, God asked Ezekiel a very pivotal question, “Son of man, can these bones live?” Ezekiel 37:3

In the natural, the answer would have been unequivocally no, but God was dealing with something of natural nature. This was completely spiritual. These bones represented the life of a people whose relationship with God was severed. They were cutoff from God, their lifeline and life blood. BUT THERE WAS HOPE!

  • Hope was in welfare reform!
  • Hope wasn’t in tax reform!
  • Hope wasn’t in education reform!
  • Hope wasn’t in health care reform!

Beloved, this is where we are as a nation of people today. We live our lives apart from God and His word, and it’s becoming more and more evident with the happenings all around us. We live the life that God gives us according to this new world order that says, as long as you can get away with something, it’s okay. We follow the dictates and dictators or the world, with no regard for God, His word, or the power of the Holy Spirit. 

  • We’re hoping in welfare reform..
  • We’re hoping in tax reform..
  • We’re hoping in education reform..
  • We’re hoping in health care reform…

Sure, our money says, In God We Trust, and sure we recite words that say, One Nation Under God, but the question now becomes: Where’s our heart in the matter? I heard the Lord say, we draw near Him with our mouths, and honor Him with our lips, but our hearts are farrrrrrrrrrrrr from Him, and in vain we worship Him…..

But God hasn’t completely written us off!

I hear God asking that age old question today! “Son of man, Can these bones live? O Lord God, You know. Well prophesy to these bones, to these people of the USA, and beyond. 

O dry bones, O ye people of the USA and beyond, it’s time for US(a) to turn our hearts to God. It’s time for us to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. It’s time for us to REPENT! It’s time for us to seek the way of the Lord with our whole heart!

Beloved, our hope is built on NOTHING less than than Jesus’ blood and righteousness: I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly lean on Jesus’ name. 

That “frame” teaches and encourages us to not trust in or build our lives upon any system or way of the world, but to WHOLLY lean on Jesus Christ, the true foundation and to make Jesus Christ the chief cornerstone of our everyday lives..

On Christ the solid Rock, I stand; all other ground is sinking sand…


4 thoughts on “Can these bones live?

  1. Wow! Anthony, you have such a gift! This is incredibly powerful teaching! And speaks to the heart of the matter so directly and yet with conpassion. How fortunate are those who sit under your teaching! How blessed I am to be able to read your blog!

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  2. Absolutely astonishing writing! I am uplifted and enthused with this. This is pure truth, straight from the Holy KJV Bible, and no one could have written it better! Amen! I am glad I found your blog, my friend! 😀


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