Hope Restored

Hope Restored….


Dear Sebby,

It’s that time of year again… the countdown to Christmas. The beginning of the end of another year without you… And yet oddly, you have been very much a part of this year.  A huge part.  A year that I will not forget. I have been able to share your story, my story, our story and my journey through the jungle of grief. So many people came to me afterwards and told me to keep sharing, to keep giving others hope, to keep encouraging others to walk this same dreadful road of deep grief. And I loved doing every part of that. It has healed me on a deeper level, and brought me closer to Father in many ways. I love serving Father, and living by faith rather than living with a constant fear.

I do miss you Sebby, more than you will ever know. The pain is…

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2 thoughts on “Hope Restored

  1. I deeply grieved not long ago for the death of a Christian sister in our church. She was shut by armed robbers who tried to steal her car. She was 40. She left behind a dear husband and three little children. I was her pastor. I needed answers from the Lord. I wanted to know why one of my sheep died from a bullet that came from the darkness across the fence. My heart was pained and overwhelmed… I was gently led by the Holy Spirit to the Rock that is higher than I… I waited for a Word from the Lord… Then the Lord spoke to my spirit… He did not answer my questions but He gave me something better, something I did not appreciate enough in the past. He gave me His Present Comfort. He gave me supernatural Peace and even Joy. I was able to give thanks to God even in this difficult circumstance. I was then able to encourage others…
    I pray for you… That God will work a deep work in your heart. That God will give you what no man can give, what the passing of time cannot achieve and what money cannot buy. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! “The LORD cares deeply when his loved ones die” (Ps 116:15; NLT). God bless you!

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