Freedom: 28 Days to Sanity

Free indeed…..

Help from Heaven

A stay in a mental hospital puts one’s life in perspective. Twenty-eight days of intense counseling, multiple medicines with horrendous side effects, and the company of people who are as lost in their own worlds as you are in yours will change your priorities quickly. Time locked away from the rest of the world, especially family, will make or break your faith. For me, it affirmed for me that I did not have total control over my life, and that the fact that I thought I did was a terrible illusion that nearly cost me my sanity.

I have spent over twenty-five years hiding this part of my history, praying no one would ever find out that I had spent time in a mental hospital, mainly worried that people would consider me a fake Christian, one who talked about faith but did not practice it. I worried that people would…

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