When God is for us nothing can stand against US.

God is always with us

We can experience ultimate Victory every time, when God is for us nothing can stand against uJesus Christ, walking out of the tombS. God is for us no one can snatch us, His chosen out of His hands
Life turns every person upside down. No one escapes unscathed. Not the woman who discovers her husband is having an affair. Not the businessman who has his investments embezzled by a crooked colleague. Not the teenager who discovers that a night of romance has resulted in a surprise pregnancy. Not the pastor who feels his faith shaken by questions of suffering and fear. We’d be foolish to think we are invulnerable. But we’d be just as foolish to think that evil wins the day. The Bible vibrates with the steady drumbeat of faith, God recycles all evil into righteousness.

I don’t have an easy solution or a magic wand. I have found something someone far better, God himself…

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5 thoughts on “When God is for us nothing can stand against US.

  1. Hi My Friend, I hope your weekend is starting well.
    The sad part is…. evil and wrong do win many days.
    But, evil’s days are numbered.
    Stay strong My Friend, I have to go to work, but I will return.


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