A Beautiful Story: “Waiting for Messiah”

Fresh Manna - Bible Devotions By Tim Burt

Fresh Manna
by Pastor Tim Burt

On one of Renee and my trips to Israel, we were walking through Jerusalem with a Jewish man who was a friend of ours. As we walked, he began to tell us this beautiful story that was a true story. It went like this…

Samuel was a young man serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. He had made a good friend, also in the IDF, that he enjoyed hanging out with named Ahuv. One day Ahuv said to Samuel, Come and stay the weekend in my parent’s home with me. They had two days off and Ahuv’s home was in a beautiful city of Sufed, Israel. Samuel thanked him and accepted the offer. The weekend came and they went to Ahuv’s home. Samuel didn’t know what to expect but he was hoping that they would go out clubbing and have fun. Instead Ahuv told…

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