Let’s go places…

One of my dad’s favorites commercial taglines is the one by the vehicle automaker, TOYOTA. “Let’s Go Places” As I sat in mediation this morning the Lord laid Proverbs 3:5-6 into my spirit and began speaking to me about trust. All of a sudden I heard Him say, Trusting the Lord gets you places…. 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart.
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
…..Proverbs 3:5-6

Beloved, when we say that we trust in the Lord, it means that we have a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, provision, guidance and strength of the Lord, But here’s where trust from the world’s perspective shifts or differs from that of the Lord’s. We then must place all our heart, in His hands. You see for most of us, this is where our disconnect from the Lord is. And ultimately, this is the reason why we find ourselves struggling spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially, educationally, politically, relationally, and financially.

Somehow we feel or have the mindset that once we reach certain ages, places or stages in life that we have the ability, strength, and wherewithal to do everything for ourselves. So we JUST DO IT. We make our own decisions without consulting the Lord. We choose our own career paths without consulting the Lord. We choose our own mates without consulting the Lord. We plan our families without consulting God. We JUST DO IT! Whatever we want to do, we JUST DO IT!

What we soon discover, halfway down the road, once we run into spiritual speed bumps, relational dead ends, financial blind curves, and emotional detours, is the fact that we started a journey without consulting the Lord. That’s why we can’t just take part of this passage, we must look at it in its entirety. On this journey, while trusting the Lord with all our heart, we cannot and we must not lean on our own understanding. This is what gets a lot of us in trouble, I know it has for me. We somehow feel that our “common sense” is our new rule of thumb or guiding light, but that’s simply not the case. I know many of us are accomplished and credentialed! I know many of us are degreed and qualified! But as it relates to living and operating in the Kingdom of the Lord, that’s not going to get it. I guess this is where a major decision must be made as to how we’re going to live this life that the Lord gives us.

Beloved, we have two choices! Live according to the Kingdom of the Lord or according to the ways of the world?

If your decision is to live according to the Kingdom of the Lord, then keep reading, if not, keep JUST DOING IT!

Now that we have an idea of what trusting in the Lord with all our heart and leaning not upon own own understanding looks like, let’s go a little further because the Lord wants to take us places. The next thing that we must make a daily practice of, is to acknowledge Him in all our ways. This simply means that when people encounter us, they encounter the Lord. It means that the Lord is glorified in everything that say and do!


  • Is the Lord glorified in our actions and conversations at work?
  • Is the Lord glorified in our actions and conversations at the mall, supermarket, barbershop or beauty shop?
  • Is the Lord glorified in our actions and conversations in tough situations?
  • Is the Lord glorified in our actions and conversations at our children’s ball games or other special programs?
  • Is the Lord glorified in our actions and conversations when we’re just kicking it or shooting the breeze?

Beloved, something divinely special begins to take place in our everyday lives when we trust in the Lord with all our heart. Something amazingly powerful begins to take root in our everyday lives when we lean not on our own understanding. Something supernatural begins to blossom in our everyday lives, when we acknowledge the Lord in all of our ways. THE LORD begins to direct our paths!

There’s absolutely NOTHING like being in the place where the Lord wants you, and doing what He’s called and anointed you to do! Your BEST day in any other place, cannot compare to this place in Christ Jesus! The Lord has a journey laid out for each of us, and my prayer is for all of us to walk therein!

Let’s Go Places in Christ!


30 thoughts on “Let’s go places…

  1. Amen! That reminds me of Psalm 84:10, “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.” May His will be done! God bless!


      • You’re absolutely correct. Writing for me is very special. It’s truly a love of mine. I bless the Lord for gifting me with the ability to do it. I’m grateful that I can share it with the world for His glory. I appreciate being able to connect with people how share the love and gift.


      • Amen! To think, I never liked reading, and truly writing wasn’t anywhere on my radar, BUT GOD! In 2009 He opened up a wellspring from nowhere as I took a college writing class. My professor even responded to one of my submissions asking, how long have you been writing? That really made me laugh because even then I wasn’t aware of what the Lord was doing or where I was headed. One day while writing, there was a shift and recognized that He’d gifted me to write, so I continued. I still don’t consider myself to be a great writer like many of you, but I get by. I love it and I love reading everyone’s ministry through words. They are very powerful and I believe God has amazing plans for bringing them all together, for His glory! Blessings!

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  2. The questions in your post are worth considering daily. My pastor asked me to preach in church tomorrow and i will be speaking on hell. Those questions are in line with what i will be sharing tomorrow.

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    • Lord, we thank You for Your words and we especially thank You for giving us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us! Position us Lord where you want us, and do through us what You want done. Not for our glory, but for Your glory alone! In Jesus name, Amen!!

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