What is your anchor?

Has your soul been anchored?

Grace Over Pain

The world isn’t fun. Most of the news we hear are heartbreaking. There is so much uncertainty, fear and worry around us. We are constantly faced with the dilemma of what to choose – fear or faith. As believers, faith sounds like what we should naturally gravitate towards. Unfortunately sometimes, those whispers of fear and unknown future filters through our mind. We catch ourselves sometimes looking up at the ceiling at night wondering “what will become of it all?”

Each of us have what we believe. And that believe is our anchor. Some people’s anchor is in nature and others, technology. However as believers, our anchor is in God.

Just as the anchor of the ship prevents it from drifting due to wind or current, so also God helps us navigate through these troubled times. He helps us by speaking to us through His word.

Until an anchor is attached…

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