The Church & Sex

I was 14 when I was first pressured to have sex with my boyfriend. As a young impressionable woman without the moral guidelines of the Bible, I allowed romance movies and novels to provide the lens through which I interpreted the meaning of sex. It was clearly 1) always passionate and 2) the best in

Source: The Church & Sex

6 thoughts on “The Church & Sex

  1. Good read indeed. Although I grew up in a church where sexual sin was no tolerated in any level, there was also a great level of condemnation and shame that was put on those who erred in this area. The church was also naive to the fact that kids could go through sexual molestation and as such nothing was ever mentioned about it. When it happened to me, I stayed mute because I didn’t want anyone to say it was my fault. I was scared of the big grown ups because there is little that an 8 years old girl can know about sex at that age.


  2. Reason why I created my organisation The Pearls Of Purity because I don’t want another little girl to not know what to do and who to talk to. At the age of 8, as I endured this trauma, the purpose on earth was clear. I always told myself that when I got older I want to be that big sister I never had. I want to give ears to hurting hearts and also tell them how to prevent this. It’s been a great ride so far and I thank God for creating something beautiful out of that ordeal


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