Let Jesus lead you, ALL the way…..

From faith to faith and glory to glory
We must follow the Lord, Who’s the author of our story
Not always will we know, what each day will bring
Not always can we see, what’s coming around the bend
But as long as we follow, the Lord all the way

He’ll usher us into our predestined place
It’s a place so sweet, laid out for our feet
A place where His provision, peace and power do meet
Us to perform His perfect will in our lives
A place He created for us, just like the stars in the sky
When that promised place is near, there will be no doubt
Let patience have her way, and we’ll never go without
Keep the Lord in 1
st Place, never 2nd and certainly not 3rd
And He’ll always keep us covered like the smallest of the birds
We must always keep our hands, firmly gripped on the oar
Never looking back and we’re sure to soar
Into our predestined place on Eagle’s wings….

A blessed farewell, I bid you adieu,
Keep up the GOoD work
Til the Lord says you’re through.

Love you guys,

Anthony Smith

18 thoughts on “Let Jesus lead you, ALL the way…..

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