The Plucking….

To everything there is a season
Always a rhyme and certainly a reason
Never do we know, how long a season
May last
Much like we never know, when
April showers will pass
Word Press has been an amazing place for me
A field where I was planted back in two thousand sixteen
Here I’ve met a lot of people, brothers and sisters in Christ
Who will always have a special place in my life
I’ve grown a bit I think, at least it seems as much to me
How could I not have grown, with all this green grass from which I gleaned….

A daily diet of milk and meat
Balanced meals and even some sweets
God’s used it all in His special way
Knowing all along I would arrive at this day

A blessed farewell, I bid you adieu,
Keep up the GOoD work
Til the Lord says you’re through.

Love you guys,

Anthony Smith

61 thoughts on “The Plucking….

  1. Hello Anthony! Wow I just read your message that you won’t be posting. I just became acquainted with you and it’s pretty shocking news. I’ve enjoyed your comments and a few of your post. I pray that God’s plans for you will have such a enormous impact that you’ll come back soon share details and so much more. On a better note you’ll still being stopping by to visit us. That’s great! We’ll take what I can get. LOL!! Be blessed my friend.

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    • Hey Jeanie! Thanks so much for that touching comment. I sure do miss posting, but I’m grateful that the Lord hasn’t stopped me from reading and commenting on you all’s powerful messages. I’ve truly learned to simply obey, whenever He gives instructions, PERIOD!

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      • God truly be praised! Thanks so much Jeanie for this word of encouragement! While the Lord may never tell us why He’s doing things the way He is and what we’ll encounter while following His commands, He always exceeds our expectations and things always turn out better than we could have ever imagined. He has a proven track record!!

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  2. Oh wow, I see that you’re leaving. I’m sorry I didn’t stop by sooner when you were active here. Glad you are following His leading though. 🙂 Also glad you’ll still be reading and commenting on WordPress a bit. 🙂

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